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Language and culture are crucial to achieving great things. The Bible’s ‘Tower of Babel’ parable tells the story of humanity’s attempt to make a name for itself with a tower reaching the heavens. God responds by confounding people’s language, leading them to speak in different tongues and scatter across the Earth. At the end of […]

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We’re creating more plastic than ever before and it’s worsening air, land and water pollution. The world threw away more than twice as much plastic in 2019 as in 2000, with less than 10% now being recycled while 19% is incinerated and about half goes to landfill, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and […]

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Should nuclear power be a serious contender as South Africa navigates an energy crisis and the need to decarbonise.

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If current carbon emission trends continue, South Africa might actually be on track to meet its 2030 emissions targets under the Paris Agreement.

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Climate change affects all aspects of life including guilty pleasures like chocolate, which gets more expensive as cocoa yields decrease.

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The ongoing effects of climate change may cause rhinos to go extinct unless adaptation measures are implemented, according to new research.

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A new climate change impact synthesis report highlights the effects of climate change on South Africa and its impact on people’s lives.

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Experts say climate change is the biggest threat to health in the 21st century. In South Africa, many lives are already being lost to extreme weather.


Combating #climatechange demands effective communication, especially in a country with 12 official languages. Language difficulties prevent meaningful connections with local communities. We need to close that gap. Find out more here:

#SustainableFuture 🌱

Elections are just around the corner, but the climate crisis is already here. 🌍

We’re calling on fellow activists, organisations, and voters to raise your voices about why we need leaders who care for climate justice and provide an example of what that looks like.

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In 2023, clean energy added around $320 billion to the world economy – accounting for 10% of global GDP growth.

In a new commentary, IEA analysts highlight how clean energy is becoming a powerful force for global economic growth.