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Climate change affects all aspects of life including guilty pleasures like chocolate, which gets more expensive as cocoa yields decrease.

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The ongoing effects of climate change may cause rhinos to go extinct unless adaptation measures are implemented, according to new research.

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A new climate change impact synthesis report highlights the effects of climate change on South Africa and its impact on people’s lives.

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Experts say climate change is the biggest threat to health in the 21st century. In South Africa, many lives are already being lost to extreme weather.

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A new report warns of trillions in oil and gas revenues at risk by 2040, with demand set to fall globally in favour of cheaper renewables.

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Accelerating renewables in line with the 1.5°C pathway would safeguard global GDP, inflation and jobs in the event of an oil and gas price shock.

News & Analysis Cyril Ramaphosa at COP28

World-renowned climatologist, Francois Engelbrecht, continues to call for urgent measures to mitigate global warming impacts on southern Africa.

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If it were not for the ingenuity of South African farmers who make alternative green energy plans, the entire agricultural sector would be under much more pressure.


SA has about 32 000 commercial farmers contributing significantly to the country's economy. Maize, sugar, wine & livestock are all key players. But due to #climatechange, the future of farming is at risk. Adaptation is crucial. Read more here:

Globally, over 2 billion people have been affected by drought since 1900. SA as the 30th driest country, faces escalating threats due to #climatechange. The impact of drought is pervasive. Urgent action is needed to combat this crisis. Read more here:

South Africa faces heightened risks of heatwaves & droughts, jeopardizing maize crops & the cattle industry. Extreme heat, droughts & more frequent floods affect the way we farm & how much our food costs. Read more:
#ClimateChange #SustainableAgriculture