About Green Economy Journal

The Green Economy Journal is your knowledge hub on South Africa’s energy transition from coal, gas and other fossil fuels towards a greener, more sustainable economy. We bring you the latest news, opinions and research on this critical transition.

At a time when the focus on climate change is intensifying, it is essential to have access to accurate and timely information on this important topic. We aim to provide you with a balanced and current view of the following related topics, focused on South Africa, in one place:

  • Economy
  • Jobs market
  • Climate politics and policy
  • Agriculture
  • Transport and manufacturing industry
  • The changing natural environment

We cover a wide range of topics, all relevant to the energy transition and creating a sustainable future for South Africa’s economy. Our writers regularly look into the following subjects and more:

  • The pros and cons of natural gas as an energy source
  • The future of the hydrogen industry
  • Developments in renewable energy technologies
  • Changes in agricultural practices to ensure food security in a changing climate
  • Cleaner transport systems

South Africa is well-placed to become a global leader in transitioning to sustainable energy systems. The country’s abundant natural resources, energy supply gap, historical reliance on coal, and a burgeoning economy can all contribute to innovation in the energy, transport, manufacture and agriculture sectors. The importance of a just energy transition cannot be overlooked. Communities that have been dependent on fossil fuel industries need to be included in the transition. A new, greener economy, will need to create opportunities for everyone, not only an elite few.

Green Economy Journal contributors

Our contributors uphold the highest editorial standards and go above and beyond to ensure factual accuracy. They deliver accurate reporting and informed opinions thanks to years of experience, a wide network of experts, and trusted sources.

As the energy transition in South Africa, and further afield, continues, the Green Economy Journal will continue to monitor and report on the impacts of climate change on society and the opportunities presented by the just transition.