Temperature Rising: The powerful new documentary on Africa’s fight for climate justice

The trailer has been released for a new climate justice documentary Temperature Rising, which follows climate activists in Africa calling for radical solutions to limit escalating heating that threatens their communities.

Southern Africa is a climate change hotspot, and petrochemical giants such as BP and Shell are ramping up extraction in the less regulated Global South. The documentary follows people at the forefront of overlapping social and climate crises, where the lives of millions depends on what activists can motivate their leaders to do. “The struggle to avert catastrophic climate change is nothing more, nothing less than protecting our children’s future”, says human rights and climate justice activist Kumi Naidoo.

Meanwhile, youth activist Gabriel Klaasen from African Climate Alliance calls out South Africa’s leaders for prioritising coal and profits over the people. The full documentary, showcased by Hotspot Climate Series and produced by Uhuru Productions, will be released later in 2023. 

The mounting climate threat for Africa

Communities across Southern Africa are at the frontlines of climate change. Already, extreme and unpredictable weather is affecting food and water security and driving poverty, hunger and undernourishment. Climate change is also increasing the transmission of diseases, including dengue fever, yellow fever and malaria. Moreover, environmental pollution from extractive activities contaminates food and water sources and pose significant health risks to local communities. Such conditions are inhibiting progress towards human well-being and economic development. 

As the continent’s biggest climate polluter, South Africa is also particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Temperatures are increasing at twice the global average rate, and heatwaves and droughts pose significant risks to domestic food production and security. Scientists have also now linked the country’s climate disasters specifically with human-caused emissions, such as last year’s devastating and deadly floods. Only a rapid and just transition from fossil fuels to a green economy will help avoid the worst of potential future impacts. 

The Hotspot Climate Series 

The Hotspot Climate Series provides resources to help communities and activists make sense of the complexities of climate change. It highlights that the current economic system exploits people and the environment for profit, while driving extreme inequalities that means many can’t afford the basics the economy is producing.

Yet solving the climate crisis and solving some of Global South’s biggest issues – such as inequality, unemployment and energy poverty – go hand-in-hand, the campaign recognises. 

To address these fundamental global issues, the campaign is advocating for a “post-growth economy” and the following four changes:

  • Decarbonisation
  • Just Transition
  • Socially owned energy
  • Climate reparations

You can find out more and join the campaign here.

Photo: 350.org